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Distance Learning

King Middle School will be utilizing several platforms, including Zoom, the Google Suite, as well as other educational platforms to conduct lessons remotely via distance learning.  Students will participate in virtual classes and communicate with classmates, teachers, and other school officials, as well as receive academic and support services.  Students will be required to access these platforms using their school HUSD Google Account.

Requirements ...
  • All students are required to have access to a computer (chromebook, laptop, or desktop) as well as internet and wireless access.
  • All students must also have school supplies, such as pencils, pens, notebooks or a notepad.  
  • All students are required to use various online web services and attend daily tele-conferencing class meetings.
  • All students are required to log into their HUSD Google Account.

Getting Started...

  Step 1: Check your student schedule and Distance Learning Schedule daily to find out when your class meets.

Step 2: Meet with your instructor for daily remote learning instruction.  Zoom Meeting Links will be posted on your teacher's website, or on Google Classroom.  

  • Click here to view your teacher's google classroom invite link, websites, or zoom meetings.  * HUSD Google Account Logon Required!  
  • Click here to contact your teacher by email.

Step 3: : Log into Clever to access your 'Clever' Applications, such as IXL, NoRedLink, etc..

  • Click here to learn more about Clever.