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Zoom Support

How to Join Zoom meeting on a Chromebook

Are you logged into the Chromebook correctly?

  • Step 1: From the Sign-In Screen, click Add Person; Do not use HUSD Public Sessions Account!!!!
  • Step 2: Type in your HUSD Google Account Username and Password;
  • Step 3: Click on your teacher's Zoom Meeting Link

Old: Watch video in English or Spanish

Update: Watch new video: English

New: Signing into Zoom: English



Problems with Zoom?
  • I need help using Zoom?  Watch video in English or Spanish
  • I need help joining my teacher's Zoom meeting?  Contact your teacher by email
  • I need help with my audio or webcam?  Click here to join a Zoom test meeting
  • Zoom is lagging or freezing? 
    • Check Downdetector for service issues
    • Check your Internet Connection Speed: Speedtest 
    • Turn off my video and hide non-video participants on slow internet connections
    • Close unnecessary tabs or windows, on older or slower hardware
      • Refresh your account
        • Step 1: At the sign-in screen, select the profile you want to remove.
        • Step 2: Next to the profile name, select the Down arrow.
        • Step 3: Select Remove this user. * Removing an account, only removes the account from the chromebook.  The google account, data and settings, are not deleted.
  • For all other questions, refer to Zoom Help Center
How to report a problem?
  • When reporting a problem it's important to give as much information as possible so that our team can address your issue.
    • Remember to make your title clear, concise, and as descriptive as possible.
    • Include information about what you were doing at the time that led up to your encountered problem.
    • Include screenshots, error messages that you encountered.